3 Tips to Get Through the Summer Hiring Slump

3 Tips to Get Through the Summer Hiring SlumpFor smaller businesses, the summertime can present a great opportunity to bring some new clients in the door or boost business with more foot traffic-based deals. But summertime is also a tough time to find new staff to make that business happen.

CNBC points out that optimism among small businesses in the United States to find the right amount of workers for day-to-day operations has slimmed as a tight labor market is only becoming tighter. This isn’t helping summertime hiring woes that local companies have struggled with year over year when the temperature rises.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind this summer when it comes to attracting great talent.

1. Job Descriptions and Perks

Crafting a job description is an important part of attracting the right kind of worker who not only has what it takes to help your business but who also wants to be there in the first place. When putting job descriptions together make sure to focus on what the company needs and wants for the role first and then what the business can offer to the potential employee in return.

Consider things like seasonal work, what will the employees be gaining through summer work, and what the employee would want in a job that may keep them there longer. Some major perks include work from home days, gas reimbursement, and the all too important health care coverage.

Businesses of all sizes can invest in business insurance options that supply employees with peace of mind knowing that their best interests are being considered. Connecticut business insurance, such as health care coverage, can help to attract promising talent as this is always a highly sought-after (and expected) job perk.

2. Improve on Interviews

Interviewers who are focused on the wrong things in the hiring process may be shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to bringing on the best people for the job. The interview process traditionally focuses on making sure new hires are technically competent for a job, but other factors should be considered including emotional intelligence, coachability, motivation, and temperament.

It’s important to allow prospective employees to interview you back and ask questions. Letting them do this will offer businesses a chance to see what’s important to them. It can also give possible employees an opportunity to determine that they want to keep pursuing the open job.

3. Review Your Reviews

A company’s online presence has made its way into the hiring process in today’s digitally dependent as an important factor. Potential employees now go online to seek further information about companies they may want to work for. The hiring process is now a two-way street as online reviews on sites like Glassdoor display everything from salaries to benefits to grades on executives in a business.

Top candidates may not even move forward in the process after seeing negative feedback from employees at a company, making it imperative to review your online presence and see how you can adjust to the feedback. If there are a lot of negative reviews from former employees, it may be time to consider how to adjust your company culture. Doing this can improve employee retention and lead to more positive reviews that can, in turn, bring on higher-quality employees.


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