4 Elements to Include in Every Employee Training Program

4 Elements to Include in Every Employee Training ProgramWhether it’s a new batch of employees coming in for the new year or an annual refresher for current employees, businesses should have it in their 2020 plans to line up some effective training programs to make sure everyone is working productively, honestly, and fairly among each other. To help maintain a safe and compliant workplace for all, employers should train their employees moving forward.

In order to develop an effective training program, there needs to be the right elements and insight to help prepare employees in the best way. These pieces of training are a mix of those required by law and those that can encourage employees to succeed in the workplace.

1. Sexual Harassment

Many states, such as California, Maine, and Connecticut, require employers to provide effective sexual harassment training for all employees. There should be an outline of who must be trained, the frequency in which this kind of training must be provided, the content in a program like this, and recordkeeping requirements.

Even where there are no specific requirements, supervisor and employee training on sexual harassment training will help to encourage education among employees as well as enlighten them about the different types of workplace discrimination. Companies that do not run this kind of training program can find themselves in the middle of legal issues if found out, especially at a company where sexual harassment is known.

In this case, besides implementing sexual harassment training regularly, employers should be sure to obtain business insurance provided by a local carrier. Having business insurance CT coverage will provide the resources needed to pay settlements, provide legal counsel, and help to keep other costs and risks low.

2. Anti-Retaliation

Employers are encouraged to conduct non-discrimination and anti-retaliation training for all who are employed. These pieces of training should include information and guidance around the prevention of harassment and discrimination. These trainings should detail why a company should not and will not tolerate discrimination against applicants and employees based on certain characteristics that are protected by the law.

Employers should also train employees on how to report incidents of discrimination in the workplace. Employers should make it perfectly clear that taking any action against employees who make a complaint or help in a workplace investigation of a reported act of discrimination is prohibited and will not be tolerated.

3. Leave of Absence

Training supervisors on leave of absence procedures and laws can help supervisors respond to requests of leave in an effective manner. The training should be able to provide an overview of applicable leave laws as well as how supervisors should handle leave requests and job restoration requirements when someone returns to their role. The training here should also cover job-protected leave to the effect that leave will not count against an employee when evaluating their attendance or performance altogether.

4. Ethics

Companies may be put in a position where they are held responsible for criminal misconduct by employees. Effective training can encourage a culture of compliance among employees, helping to instill a company culture of ethics. The training here should go over everything about the company’s policies, procedures, and efforts to detect and address any wrongdoing.

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