4 Ways You’re Unknowingly Ruining Your Yard

4 Ways You’re Unknowingly Ruining Your YardSpring is in full bloom, and gardeners and homeowners are tending to their lawns after a long winter. What most people don’t know is that the products they use regularly might be causing their yard to expire. With these simple suggestions on how to use products the right way, you can keep your yard looking beautiful year-round. Don’t forget to protect your home and all of its belongings secured with a Dayville Home Insurance policy.

#1: Not using products correctly.

Unbeknownst to most inexperienced gardeners, there are specific formulas intended for use in specific seasons. Using the wrong one could render your product useless or even cause damage to your lush lawn. Always read the instructions and refrain from overusing any one product.

#2: Misusing fertilizer.

Less is more when it comes to utilizing fertilizer in your backyard. In fact, too much fertilizer adversely affects plant growth, can burn and even kill grass and plants. And, if it runs off into waterways, it can cause toxic algae bloom. To avoid those awful outcomes, prep and apply fertilizer with care. Use only the amount of recommended fertilizer — or less, recommends House Logic.

Next, don’t forget to do the preparation steps as most powdered fertilizers require a mix of water to be effective.

#3: Not watering your lawn deep enough.

Not only is brown grass unattractive, it creates a breeding ground for weeds. Sprinkling some water on top of the grass does not mean it’s nourished. Ideally, you want the soil beneath the grass to be saturated by at least 6 inches. For novice gardeners and homeowners, experts recommend measuring 6 inches into the soil with a shovel in a small area and monitoring the saturation level and how long it takes to absorb to create a regular routine.

A beautiful green lawn is ideal for resale value, as well. So, even if you’re looking to sell your home in the near future, this could be the “wow” factor.

#4: Allowing your pet to urinate all over the yard.

It’s ideal for any dog owner to have an enclosed yard for him or her to enjoy. However, letting your dog urinate all over the backyard can lead to dead grass and plants. Consider training your pet to go in one specific location, or create an enclosed dog run to prevent him from wreaking havoc on your yard.


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