Ashford CT Condo Insurance: Tips for a Safer Halloween

Ashford CT Condo Insurance: Tips for a Safer Halloween Ashford CT Condo Insurance Tips for a Safer Halloween

In a few short weeks kids and parents across the country will dawn disguises and spooky garb in search of trick and treats. While Halloween can be a time of fun and festivities, Ashford residents also face added risk and liability exposures on the night of mischief. It doesn’t take much for a night of harmless trick, treats and festivities to turn sour. Good planning and safety precautions are the keys to a safe and happy Halloween. Here are a few tips to remember:

  • Decorate with Safety in mind– Whether you are a Halloween fanatic sporting elaborately themed set ups or prefer to keep your decorations simplistic and understated, one things property owners should keep in mind is safety. Should an accident occur on your property, you can be held liable for any medical expenses incurred by the affected party. While dark lighting, fog effects and strobe lights can be eerie and fun, they can also create dangerously low visibility along your property. Extension cords and other low lying obstructions can also be hazardous for visitors to navigate.  It is important to provide and unobstructed pathway leading to the goodies as to avoid any serious mishaps, injuries or property damage.
  • Only Offer and Consume Trusted Treats –Ashford parents have a lot to worry about when their children bring home treats from unknown origins, especially when those goodies are home made. Store-bought, pre-packaged treats are the safest way to ensure that your family and neighbors can enjoy the sweets of their Halloween labor.  If offering sugar intensive treat isn’t really your style, there are countless other alternatives available that trick-or-treaters and their guardians will enjoy.
  • Be Aware of Tricksters– Often what start out as harmless childhood pranks rapidly spiral  out of hand leading to property damage, destruction or vandalism, which can be a nightmare for Ashford property owners and residents. Whenever possible residents should routinely check on their property. Sitting outside of the door to hand out treats is a great deterrent of pranks and vandals, because it makes you presence known. If you are going to be away for the evening, it is always a good idea to make it appear as if your home is occupied, unattended properties are a greater target for attracting mischief.
  • Beware Pets– It’s always a good safety precaution to keep dogs, cats, and other pets a safe distance from trick-or-treaters. Pets and children can get easily spooked, which can lead to accidents and other mishaps. Some pets may even be tempted to bolt out the door every time it opens, or try to escape from the yard to great the visitors. As good natured as your pets may be, Holidays can be a stressful and chaotic time. Keeping your furry friend safe and clam in a secure environment will decrease the amount of stress for you, your pets and your visitors.
  • Set A Cut-Off Time –For safety reasons and practicality, it is often a good idea to set a candy cut-off time among your community. Doing so will create a set timeframe where residents can expect guest and have a good idea of when the community festivities are over. This can help community members plan their evening and set the proper expectations for the evening. Furthermore, experts recommend setting the cut off time between 8 or 9 pm, as answering the door late in the evening has been linked to greater risk of a home invasion or burglary.

At Byrnes Insurance Agency, we are experts at helping Connecticut residents protect their homes, families and property.  Whether you live in a house, condo or apartment, our Connecticut insurance experts can help find complete solutions to protect your assets and loved ones. Our Ashford CT Condo Insurance specialists will craft comprehensive, adaptable coverage to fit your lifestyle now and in the future. Contact our Ashford CT condo insurance specialists today to learn more about any of our personal insurance solutions.

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