ATV’ing in Winter? Don’t Forget These Essentials

ATV’ing in Winter? Don’t Forget These EssentialsATV’s are perfectly suited to all types of weather and terrain, which includes snow and ice. If you’re ready to venture out this season (maybe even with your snowmobiles), it’s time to remember a few pertinent items to pack. Gearing up with the proper equipment, safety items, and freshening up your knowledge of how to safely operate the vehicle makes for an incident-free adventure. Before setting out, read the following advice and protect your toy with a Windham County ATV Insurance policy.

Hand and seat warmers.

If you’re riding in the cold, you’ll probably want some sort of electronic device that warms your extremities. That’s your hands, feet and even your seat! Once you ride in the cold with hand warmers, you’ll never want to go back to non-heated grips again. You can also get a thumb warmer if your throttle thumb feels left out, says The brutal cold can be taxing on your after extended periods of time, and simple hand and/or seat warmers just make sense to keep you more comfortable during your ride.

Wind protection gear.

The ATV will likely have some sort of barrier between the wind/snow and your hands. However, a gauntlet adds additional protection to your hands and arms while driving. Place the gauntlet over the handlebars to keep yourself dry.

Track kits.

Track kits are available for all types of ATVs, sport or utility, and basically help the machines stay on top of the snow by giving it a larger footprint. Some track kits offer tracks at all four wheels. Others have a single rear track and front skis that essentially turn sport models into snow-quads. Kits vary in price and design, so explore your options.

Extra battery.

In the worst-case scenario, your battery would die and leave you stranded in the snow. Rather than roll the dice, protect yourself by carrying a fresh battery just in case. Especially if your ATV is equipped with other features such as lights or a winch, carrying an extra battery is even more important. Be cautious of how much your additional features drain your battery so you don’t end up in a bad situation.

Beware of terrain.

Your ATV is meant to cover all terrain, but that doesn’t mean it’s always safe to do so. Stay on marked trails and avoid riding over ice unless it’s at least 6 inches thick. It can be a challenge to decipher just how thick the ice cover is, so if you’re unsure, take a different route.


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