August is the Most Dangerous Month on the Road: What Causes Accidents?

August is the Most Dangerous Month on the Road: What Causes Accidents?For many years now, the month of August has been the deadliest driving month of the year in America. 60,976 accidents were reported in 2016, and the number of deaths continue to rise each year. With these sobering statistics, it’s important for drivers to be mindful of the increased risks during this month and take precautionary measures to keep themselves (and others) safe on the road.

A study found that 50 percent of all drivers rank themselves in the top 20 percent of driver safety and skill, however this is obviously not mathematically possible, and reveals that a significant portion of drivers are overestimating their driving habits. Don’t let yourself become part of this month’s statistics. Take a look at your driving habits, and work to prevent these common causes of car accidents.

The Rolling Right Turn on Red

When approaching a red light and about to turn right, it is common to slow down but not come  to a full stop. While we glance to the left then turn to look right and suddenly, out of nowhere, there can easily be a pedestrian or a bicyclist. The rolling right turn on red overwhelms our attention capabilities. While we’re fearing for our life in one direction, we’re driving in another. We are often times overly confident in this scenario, however the law requires us to come to a full stop before turning.

The rolling right on red makes up 6 percent pedestrian fatalities, and 21 percent of the deaths happen to kids.

Falling Asleep

Driving studies and cameras are revealing that our previous guesses were far too low. It is estimated that about 7 percent of car crashes, and 21 percent of fatal crashes, happen to drowsy drivers. Some estimate that driving tired or drowsy is just as dangerous as driving under the influence.

Surveys have found that 37 percent of drivers have fallen asleep while driving at least once in their lives. Our increasingly busy schedules are making the problem worse. Cranking up the A/C, rolling down the windows, and drinking hot coffee aren’t enough to remedy this issue. If you find yourself feeling tired out on the road, get off the road and rest until it’s safe to drive again.

Loss of Control

11 percent of all crashes are due to losing control of the vehicle. 5 percent of crashes are due to aggressive maneuvering and quick sharp turns. The remainder of these crashes happen when another driver or sudden road turn puts us in a surprise situation that demands an instant response. We imagine ourselves responding impressively when something unexpected comes along, but most people overreact and overcompensate.

Blind Spots

Data tell us that 12 percent of crashes happen when drivers push their luck with blind spots. We tend to believe that if we can’t see something, then it must not exist. The data shows this misunderstanding is not only widespread, but very dangerous. Make sure that your mirrors are well-adjusted, but don’t rely on them for everything.


Hitting the car in front of us makes up 23 to 30 percent of crashes. We drive close to the car in front of us because we think it’ll get us there faster. However, studies have determined that we save a mere 26 seconds per day as a result of our rushing. It is assumed that rear-end crashes are harmless fender benders, but often times cars twist and flip.

If you ever drive, make sure that you have a Connecticut Auto Insurance policy. No matter how confident you may feel in your driving skills, there’s no way to completely prevent accidents on the road, and getting into an accident without insurance (regardless of whether or not you caused the crash) can be incredibly costly.

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