Auto Insurance: Apps to Avoid Traffic

Auto Insurance: Apps to Avoid TrafficBumper to bumper; gridlocks; horrific accidents; that lock commuters on the highway, sometimes for hours at a time; we are no stranger to traffic jams. America is home to some of the most congested highways in the world, but you can still find the best auto insurance in Connecticut.

The average commuter in the U.S. spent 34 hours in traffic in 2010, according to the New York Times. Congestion wastes more than just your time- gridlocks are estimated to cost 1.9 billion gallons of fuel and with the associated loss in worker productivity, traffic ends up costing close to $100 billion.

Currently, there is no central, cohesive source of live traffic information. Major intersections have cameras but there is a distinct lack of data on secondary streets. Accident reports can help, but typically by the time the problem is reported, it is far too late for hundreds of drivers. While a psychic sixth sense would be particularly handy in this situation, smartphone technology is emerging as the next best thing.

Enter into the age of smartphones, and we are seeing decidedly more improvement. Inrix, for example, gathers information by tapping its app users- they use a color coding system to mark traffic accidents, open roads, and even construction sites. The site is particularly useful because it gathers information from a wide variety of sources, including local transportation departments, emergency first-responders, construction reports and commercial fleet operators.

App users are encouraged to help improve traffic flow by confirming an obstruction or nothing that one has been cleared. Other apps reward users for participation. Waze encourages drivers to post warnings and alerts by awarding game points. As more drivers use the traffic systems, they will continue to improve in reliability and accuracy.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, rush hour (approximately 5-7 pm), is one of the most dangerous times you can drive. Furthermore, 95% of crashes are caused by driver mistakes rather than vehicle malfunctions.

Getting behind the wheel of a car is one of the riskiest things that people do every day. Protect yourself and your family by getting comprehensive Connecticut auto insurance with Byrnes Agency. We provide individuals throughout Connecticut and the country with auto insurance plans to protect against unforeseen damages and injuries. Contact us today for more information.

*Disclaimer – We do not condone using your phone while driving. Be sure to utilize these apps before getting behind the wheel.