Backseat Driving: Monitor Your Teen, Even When You’re Not in the Car

Your teen turns sixteen- it is inevitable that they get their driver’s license, and you have to let them go, hoping the safe driving habits you’ve instilled in them are enough to keep them safe on the roads.  That and you get text alerts every time your precious adolescent goes over the speed limit.

Infotainment systems with GPS and DVD players are already being outstripped. Now, Hyundai’s Blue Link system allows parents to monitor teen driving from the comfort of the couch. Through, parents can set geographic parameters, curfew, and speed limits for a particular vehicle.

If the vehicle goes over the speed limit, outside of its assigned geographical area, or is driven past the designated curfew, the parent is notified instantly either by email, text, or automated phone message. It’s a parent’s dream and a teenager’s worst nightmare. Joking aside, the feature is meant to protect young drivers; car accidents are a leading cause of death among teenage drivers. (See our latest blog post on teen’s distracted driving).

Blue Link also has an eco-coach feature that keeps track of driver’s overall speed and miles per gallon. Drivers can check their progress periodically and get tips on how to drive more efficiently. Hyundai has even take steps to eliminate texting while driving, creating a voice text messaging system that creates safer, and hands-free ways to communicate.

You want to protect your teen from the moment they get their license. That’s why it’s so important to have the right Personal Auto insurance in place. The Byrnes Agency provides individuals throughout Connecticut; with access to dozens of insurers, we can obtain the most affordable rates for the coverages you need. Contact us today for more information.