Best 5 Tips for Decorating Your Home

Best 5 Tips for Decorating Your HomeBest 5 Tips for Decorating Your Home

We all have the image of our dream home. However, without the flair of a professional designer, that vision can sometimes fall short of reality. Enter home design apps that let you play the role of interior decorator. Helping you with everything from inspiration, DIY projects, and paint selection to choosing the layout of the room, these apps can help you make the most of your home, without the price tag required for professional help.

Space Planning Tool. You find the perfect couch, only to arrive home and find out it doesn’t fit in the space. This app helps you to avoid spacing pitfalls. Input room dimensions, create floor plans, shopping lists, and even fabrics and colors to get a complete vision of how you want the room to look.

iHandy Level. This app makes it easy to make sure photos and artwork is straight. Use it to measure angles, vertically & horizontally for a wall or furniture, or to straighten up all your pictures.

Pinterest. A social media site, it is a mecca of home decorating tips, design inspiration, and ideas. Follow your favorite designers, pin ideas you love, and create an inspiration board for your own home.

Color Change. The right paint color can transform a room. It is also difficult to visualize, and many owners shy away from choosing bold colors because they don’t know if it will work. The Color Change app allows you to take a picture of a room, and change the color so you can see what it would look like.

Decolabs. This app for the iPad allows you to design a room using virtual furniture objects. You select furniture from e-catalogs and place them on photos of the actual room to help you visualize the space.

What are your favorite home design apps?

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