Best Practices: Time Management Tips

Best Practices Time Management TipsBest Practices: Time Management Tips

There a million productivity and time management tips out there. Apps, research, techniques, planners, calendars, websites; it is overwhelming. But productivity, and the process that works for you, is a unique formula. While well-meaning, trying a barrage of productivity tips can be an unproductive waste of time. But no matter what type of schedule, planner, post-it, or legal pad you use to stay organized, these time-management tips can help you be more productive.

Create a daily plan. Take a few minutes every day to plan out your tasks. You can even do it the night before, prepping for the day’s work. Then, stick to the plan as much as possible.

Use something. Whether it is a calendar, organizer, or a simple to-do list, use the one that works for you.

Know your deadlines. Make sure all deadlines are clearly outlined in your calendar so you know when you need to finish them. Include benchmarks of what needs to be done in the weeks prior, so you don’t open up your planner one week and realize you only have a day left to complete a project.

Say “No.” Sometimes the most valuable thing you can do to manage your time is to just refuse. Taking on more tasks than you can handle can affect the quality of your overall work. Quality over quantity- if you can’t take on that extra project, don’t do it.

Prioritize. Once you’ve gotten your to-do list organized, stop and take a look at it. What needs to be done today? Are there any urgent matters that need to be taken care of immediately? Is there anything that can be delegated? Choose the most important tasks and take each one step at a time.

Eliminate time wasters. Take Facebook off of your homepage. Eliminate Twitter from your bookmarks and keep your smartphone in a desk drawer out of reach. Replace your bookmarks with work-friendly sites, and reward yourself after finishing projects with a social media break.

Include breaks. Don’t just list the things you have to do. Schedule in breaks, workouts, lunch with coworkers, even a quick walk around the office. Having things to look forward to and creating opportunities to get up and move around can help you boost your productivity.

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