Boat Owners: How to Prevent Your Boat From Being Stolen

Boat owners know that even the smallest personal watercraft weighs hundreds of pounds.  With all the effort involved in loading your boat onto a trailer and transporting it to the water, it is hard to imagine anyone going to the trouble of stealing something so large and conspicuous. However, as unbelievable as it might sound, an average of twelve boats were stolen per day in 2019. Even if you have the best boat insurance to protect your investment, don’t let thieves take what is yours.

Boat owners can use these tips to save the hassle of filing a claim and keep their vessel from becoming a statistic.

Choose Your Location Wisely

When leaving your boat unattended, be sure it is in an area with good lighting and preferably with security guards around. When it comes to location, consider not just the parking lot or harbor where your boat is docked, but also the larger geographic area covered by your Dayville boat insurance. For example, in 2019, 22% of all boat thefts occurred in Florida. If the Sunshine State is your favorite place to get out on the water, then extra precautions may be in order.

Check the Calendar

Boat thieves are predictably more active at certain times of year. May through September are the months when they are busiest, and the winter months when they steal the fewest boats. Don’t assume that your boat is safe just because there are plenty of people around on holidays because theives also like to take advantage of the crowds that flock to the water on Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day.

Make Your Boat Hard To Steal

There are simple ways to complicate the process of removing your boat to the point that a potential thief gives up and looks for easier prey. Consider incorporating some of the following actions into your storage routine:

  • Use multiple locks, including one on the trailer hitch.
  • Remove a wheel from your trailer or otherwise make it unmoveable.
  • Store the key in another location, rather than hiding it on the boat.
  • Park a vehicle directly in front of your trailer.

Use Technology

One of the most effective strategies for boat owners is to use a device that takes photos or alerts the police if someone moves your boat. For vessels docked on the water, products exist that automatically shut the engine off once they move outside out of a certain geographic area. While these methods are costly, they may save you money on your Dayville boat insurance premium. However, if you feel you can’t afford these gizmos, then try investing in a sign with the name of a fake security system; sometimes the threat alone of anti-theft technology is deterrent enough.

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