Bozrah CT Home Insurance: How to Create More Home Storage Space

Bozrah CT Home Insurance: How to Create More Home Storage SpaceBozrah CT Home Insurance: How to Create More Home Storage Space

Whether your home is large or small, chances are that you like to keep it organized. This can be hard when you have multiple people living in the home, or small children, pets, etc. It is possible though! Here are some ideas on how to create more home storage space.

Utilize the backside of your closet doors. Whether it’s a closet in your child’s room or the hallway, use this space to hang shoes or place books. There are organizers you can buy online, or it can be a fun DIY project to make it yourself.

Create a family planner space. This can be done with a bulletin board and/or white board on the wall, and does not have to take up any counter or table space in your home. Have a calendar that you use to track your family’s schedule, and keep it in a place that has high foot traffic, such as the kitchen.

Use a mop holder or spice rack on the inside of a cabinet door for storage. In the kitchen, this could be a great place for spices. In the bathroom, this can work to store your shampoo and other toiletries.

Use empty wall space for toy and book storage. One clever and affordable idea that has been shared in many blogs is to use plastic rain gutters in an empty corner to create a reading nook.

These are just a few creative home storage ideas. There are many websites, such as, that share other storage tips. At the Byrnes Agency, we understand the importance of maintaining a nice home. When you meet or speak to one of us, you’ll understand that we’re here to serve your needs by providing cost-effective New London, CT homeowners Insurance solutions for you that will work today and going forward. Please contact us today at one of our various locations for more information.