Camping Safety: Preparing for Lightning Storms

Camping Safety: Preparing for Lightning StormsThe great outdoors pose some significant safety risks for campers. While you might have the protection of an RV or camper, lightning can strike anytime – and if you’re not within close reach, you’ll need to know how to keep yourself safe. In addition, protect your camping assets with a CT RV Insurance policy.

Seek shelter.

Preparing for a storm is all you can do while camping. Of course, checking the weather before setting out is always wise, but what do you do when it strikes and you’re outdoors? First, check to see if there are any bathroom buildings or nearby shelters you can go into. Once you hear thunder, you’re within a few miles of the storm, so start looking for options.

When outdoors…

If there isn’t any obvious shelter, consider the following:

  • Forest: Find a low area such as a ravine, preferably located next to trees that are not the tallest in the area. Next, avoid lone trees and rocky outcrops.
  • Open landscape: According to Wild Backpacker, look for a dry, low-lying area such as a valley and become the smallest target possible. Do this by crouching down with your heels touching, head between the knees, and ears covered. Minimize your contact with the ground and do not lie down flat.
  • Other: Use a vehicle or RV for shelter, but steer clear of tents as the aluminum poles that hold it up conduct electricity. Further, avoid bodies of water during thunder and lightning storms.


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