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Camping Tips for Beginners: Staying HydratedIn this series of posts, we have gone over some essential safety and awareness tips for novice campers. From preparing for storms to being on the lookout for wild animals, we’ve covered some of the basics. Now, it’s time to tackle the last major component: staying hydrated.

Often underrated, being dehydrated can lead to serious health and safety consequences, so heed the following advice to make sure you plan ahead and prevent disaster on your upcoming camping trip. As we explore these safety precautions, don’t forget to protect your biggest safety asset in the outdoors – your camper – with a comprehensive CT RV Insurance policy.

Do your research.

While camping in an RV, you will likely have plenty of room for storing water for the whole family. But on a hot day in the middle of summer, it’s easy to go from happy to dehydrated very quickly. Experts recommend you do some extensive research of the area before your trip. Find watering holes, especially bodies of water that are considered drinkable, and make note of them when reserving a camping space or trekking into the surrounding woods.

Carry a device for water purification.

This could be anything from iodine tablets to Aquamira drops, a filtration system, or even UV light bars. Once you put the prescribed amount into your water bottle, let it sit for the designated amount of time, and then bleed the nozzle or lid to ensure all unpurified water is gone, explains Triple Blaze.

Boil the water.

If all else fails and you run out of fresh water, boil impure water. This will eliminate harmful bacteria and hydrate you on the trail. It might take longer to do, but this is a safe and foolproof process.

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