Connecticut Auto Insurance: Back to School Driving Tips

Connecticut Auto Insurance: Back to School Driving TipsConnecticut Auto Insurance: Back to School Driving Tips

As summer draws to a close, kids are (reluctantly) getting ready to go back to school. With the new school supplies, school also means traffic congestion and a substantial increase in morning traffic. Take time to read these back-to-school driving tips to make sure you and your loved ones arrive every morning safe and sound. This post is brought to you by Byrnes Connecticut auto insurance programs.

Student pedestrian safety. There is a huge increase in pedestrian traffic with children walking to and from the bus stop. Pay careful attention to the road, especially in school zones and neighborhoods. Don’t talk on the phone or text while driving. Stay alert to pedestrians at all times. Always give the right of way to children crossing the street.

Carpools. Don’t try and cram too many people in one car. You should never have more people in a car than you do seatbelts. Keep the music down and abide by all traffic signs. Driving with the volume turned up can be just as much distraction as using a cell phone.

Vehicle maintenance. Preparation is key. Take your vehicle in for routine maintenance before you start the rounds of back-to-school driving. Changing your oil, replacing dirty air filters and checking your tire pressure are all important to keep your vehicle on the road.

For more information, take a look at this Driver Safety Checklist from

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