Connecticut Boat Insurance: Most Commonly Stolen Boats

Connecticut Boat Insurance: Most Commonly Stolen BoatsConnecticut Boat Insurance: Most Commonly Stolen Boats

Developing a comprehensive Connecticut boat insurance policy is the best way to cover your boat. When you’re out on the open water, whether fishing or going water skiing with friends and family, you want to make sure that you’re well protected.

According to the latest report on U.S. boat theft and recoveries released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), even though overall boat theft decreased by about 3% in 2012, there were still close to 6,000 watercrafts stolen throughout the country. Here are the 5 watercrafts which are the most likely to be stolen:

5. Sailboat. 42 were stolen throughout the country in 2012, with a 52% recovery rate. The NCIC code manual defines a sailboat as a “cat, catamaran, cutter, bark, ketch, lateen, lugger, pinnace, schooner, sloop or yawl”.

4. Cruiser. The NICB reports that 251 cruisers were stolen last year. Cruisers are defined by the NCIB as any boat with an inboard motor that is at least 25 feet long, but no longer than 50 feet.

3. Utility. These types of boats are defined as fisherman or “sedan” boats, and they are hot targets. 360 of them were stolen in 2012.

2. Runabout. These are actually most commonly targeted for the motor, which can be worth more than the watercraft itself. Last year, 937 runabouts, also called launches, motorboats, outriders, or speedboats, were stolen.

1. Jet Skis. It’s not surprising to find that the most stolen watercraft in the U.S. is the jet ski. 1,373 of these watercrafts were stolen in 2012, and only 34% of them were recovered.

The easiest way to prevent boat theft is to keep your vessel in an area that is not easily accessible, such as a locked garage. This may not be possible for large boats, but there are still preventive measures you can take, such as removing the key from the ignition any time the boat isn’t in use, securing the boat itself to a fixed object using a steel cable, and avoid leaving loose, valuable gear visible.

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