Connecticut Homeowners Insurance: Curb Appeal Tips

Connecticut Homeowners Insurance: Curb Appeal TipsConnecticut Homeowners Insurance: Curb Appeal Tips


Curb appeal can work wonders for your Connecticut home. It is the first and last impression a guest has when visiting. It not only adds value to your home, but can boost appeal if you’re trying to sell. Curb appeal can be a relatively inexpensive way to makeover your Connecticut home. Here are some tips you can act on now to improve your home’s first impression. This post is provided by Connecticut Homeowners Insurance programs. Please give a call at any of our 3 Connecticut locations.

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Take a walk. Go outside and approach your house the way a visitor would. What is the first thing you notice? Are there any eyesores available? Patches of brown grass? Shoddy paint job? Taking a moment to re-examine your home from the viewpoint of a visitor can help you see things you might of missed as you run in and out all day long.

Landscaping. You don’t need to re-haul your entire gardening strategy to get some great curb appeal. Adding some brightly colored flowers or trimming and weeding out your garden beds periodically can work wonders. For a polished finishing touch, add a layer of mulch to finish out garden spaces.

Your front door. A freshly painted door can make a great welcoming sight- some choose bright contrasting colors, others go for the same colors as the rest of the house. Adding potted plants, or a table and chairs is a great way to further add a welcoming touch to your front door.

Don’t forget the little things. Although not the most obvious thing, number and lighting can make a big difference. House numbers are easily seen with dark numbers on a light background. Make sure there is also enough light to read the numbers comfortably from the road.

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