Connecticut Homeowners Insurance: Summer Protection Tips

Connecticut Homeowners Insurance Summer Protection TipsConnecticut Homeowners Insurance: Summer Protection Tips

While summer is a time for sun, rest and relaxation, homeowners should also be aware of the risks and exposures they face. Taking a few moments to prepare using the tips below can help you avoid having to file a summertime claim. It will save you time, stress and any potential costly inconveniences.

Prepare your home for vacation mode. Before you head out the door, take a moment to make sure your home is prepped and safe. Have a friend of neighbor periodically check on your home while you’re gone to make sure there are no problems. Stop the newspaper delivery or have a friend pick them up for you while your gone. And putting your lights on a timer can also decrease risk and let you enjoy your vacation worry-free.

Don’t be the target of theft. Summer is the season of open windows and doors. While it is nice to have the cool breeze flow through the house, keep in mind theft can happen just as easily when open doors and windows are left unattended. Same goes for garage doors and car windows. If you do leave them open, make sure not to leave them unattended and to keep any valuables out of sight.

Know your coverage options when you’re away from home. Before taking off for summer vacation, make sure your family is protected. Vacation homes, cars, boats and other vacation essentials may not be protected under your homeowners policy.

At the Byrnes Agency, we have the insurance programs necessary to protect you through all your summer adventures. From Connecticut home insurance to Connecticut boat, watercraft insurance and even golf-cart insurance, we have you covered. Contact us today for more information.