Connecticut Insurance: How do Homeowners Hire Contractors?

Connecticut Insurance: How do Homeowners Hire Contractors?Choosing a contractor is a crucial decision for homeowners. Whether you are remodeling or building from scratch, you will be working side by side with this individual for weeks, more likely months. It is essential to get the best contractor for the job. Below are some criteria from construction social media strategist Darren Slaughter on how homeowners hire contractors.

License. Most states require contractors have a license to operate in that state; check out your contractor to see if they have a local contracting license to do the job.

References. Ask friends or family members. Check out their quality of work, efficiency, and professionalism.

Bids. Get multiple bids from several contractors. Be cautious of the “too good to be true” bids. The best contractor isn’t always the cheapest; a contractor who offers a low bid may be desperate for work or might cut corners on the job.

Get it in writing. Draw up a contract detailing the entire project, to save any headaches and miscommunication down the road.

Payment. Don’t pay in cash- keep all logs of payments, including the dates, amounts, and what exactly was paid for. Use check or credit card only.

Some final key tips to keep in mind: The contractor should have at least 4-5 years experience. They should have insurance, notably liability and worker’s compensation to protect against any mishaps. The contractor should also have several references, provide cost breakdowns for jobs, and be flexible, willing to work with you as a homeowner to make sure all your specifications are met.

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