Connecticut Manufactured Home Insurance: Time to Winterize

Connecticut Manufactured Home Insurance: Time to Winterize Connecticut Manufactured Home Insurance Time to Winterize

Much of America is already experiencing a glimpse of the winter chill that will inevitably come in just a few short weeks. As winter approaches, it is more important than ever for Connecticut manufactured home owners to ready themselves and their property for cold temperatures and stormy weather. Here are way to prep your home against leaks, heat loss, drafts and other winter dangers.

  • Gaps and cracks can be a nightmare for manufactured home owners as they enable warm air to escape and moisture to coagulate. Experts recommend that homeowners seal their windows, door, gutters, seams and other joining points with Polyurethane caulking. Doing so will help protect your manufactured home from drafts and leaks. Other places that can be problematic include the gutter and downspout seams, plumbing and furnace vent pipes, any wiring entrances and pipe feed-troughs.
  • Weather stripping for exterior doors and windows can help insulate your home as well, preserving internal heat and preventing drafts water seepage.
  • Roof maintenance is another key component to winter weatherproofing. Experts recommend resealing your roofing expansion joints and repairing any punctures, cracks or breaks in the roof panels or house siding. Also, double check, tighten and replace any loose or broken fasteners.
  • Storm windows and doors are also an invaluable asset to Connecticut manufactured homes. Experts say that when properly installed, storm windows and doors can cut your home’s heat loss by 50 percent.
  • Freezing pipes are an all too common problem in Connecticut, especially for manufactured homes. Heat tape or cables can be used to wrap pipes in order to prevent pipe freezing and the need for costly repairs.

When winter hits, there are only some losses that you can protect your property against; others are simply acts of nature. At Byrnes Agency, we understand the unique irks exposures you face as a manufactured home owner, that why we specialize in proving comprehensive insurance for every type of home, including manufactured homes and mobile homes. We are one of the most respected and established insurance companies in Connecticut, with offices throughout New London and Windham counties. Our experienced team of Connecticut Manufactured home insurance specialists will provide you with a review of the insurance coverages available to protect your investment. To learn more about our operation and personal insurance lines, contact us today.