Connecticut Personal Insurance: Tech Etiquette

Connecticut Personal Insurance Tech EtiquetteConnecticut Personal Insurance Tech Etiquette

Smartphones have been great. We can connect with nearly anyone on the planet instantly. They have also lead to some social faux pas and even downright rudeness when it comes to when, where and how we use our devices. Here are some tech etiquette tips.

Do not check your smartphone at a restaurant until meals are finished. This rule can be applied to most social functions. While there may be times you want to snap a picture or pull up a site, for the most part our phones only take us away from our current surroundings. And nothing is ruder than making your dinner companion sit idly by while you tweet, post, instagram and check in to the restaurant.

Reply to emails within 48 hours. Sometimes it can be difficult to reply to emails instantly. But make a policy of at least responding to all emails within 48 hours.

Be aware of your surroundings. Trains, elevators, subways, waiting rooms and other open, crowded spaces may seem like a great opportunity to catch up with a friend or squeeze in the quick business call. However, talking loudly in crowded spaces can also be highly distracting and annoying to the people around you.

Turn that ringtone off. Personalize ringtones are great. They show your personality, make for much better morning alarms, and are much more entertaining that the trilling tones that come standard. But, make sure to keep your phone off in any quiet areas, family dinners, business meetings or any work-related place in general.

Have we forgotten something? Let us know what your top tech peeves are or tech etiquette tips you follow.

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