Connecticut Teen Car Insurance: Helping Your Teen Learn to Drive

Connecticut Teen Car Insurance Helping Your Teen Learn to DriveConnecticut Teen Car Insurance: Helping Your Teen Learn to Drive

Getting a driver’s license is a huge life milestone- unless it’s your sixteen year old. Then it can be a nervous, heart wrenching adventure seeing them get behind the wheel. Teaching your child to drive can be straightforward- here are some easy tips to follow when they hit the road for the first time.

Find a safe place to practice. The first order of business after your teen gets their drivers permit is finding a safe spot to practice. A huge department store parking lot early in the morning before shoppers come, or an empty stretch of road with few cars around. Use this safe zone to practice everything; accelerating, braking, turning, stopping, signaling and parking. Make sure your teen has a good grasp of the basics and is comfortable handling the vehicle before you hit the open road.

Hit the open road. If you live in a busy area, try and find a quiet street or residential neighborhood to practice hitting the road for the first time. After they are comfortable on quiet streets, start easing your teen into longer routes, busy areas, and difficult situations, such as driving at night and the rain. Make sure they develop good habits early, checking the speed limit, use their mirrors, maintain a safe following distance and look both ways.

Tackling the freeways. The next step is the highways. One of the biggest steps in the learning process, it is a culmination of all your teen’s previous practice and skills. Take it slow at first. Start with merging into the closest lane and getting off at the next exit. When they change lanes, make sure they signal first, check their mirrors and look over their shoulder before they switch.

Don’t panic. Teaching your teen to drive can be a nerve wracking process. But the more nervous you get, the more of a negative impact it will have on your teen. Make sure you take it slow and stay calm while they are behind the wheel.

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