Connecticut Wedding Insurance: Why Do You Need It?

Connecticut Wedding Insurance Why Do You Need ItConnecticut Wedding Insurance: Why Do You Need It?

As the heyday of wedding season is upon us, with that comes the exorbitant costs of planning, executing, even attending a wedding (dress, shoes, transportation, lodgings, etc.). The cost of weddings are climbing higher and higher- but is your important investment protected?

A wedding is one of the most important life milestones. And one of the more expensive events. In 2013, the average wedding cost around $25,000- about the average price of a new car. And even in the best laid plans, things can go awry.

Photos can be lost or accidentally erased from a memory card. The band could not show up at the last minute, or a family emergency could cause you to postpone the wedding. Your dress could be damaged or not show up in time. Last minute cancellations, vendors and weather issues are all common disruptions that can plague your perfect day- wedding insurance is designed to protect you from those.

Wedding insurance won’t blow the bank either. Depending on your size and costs of your wedding, you can have a reasonable premium- and the peace of mind knowing that your big day is protected no matter what happens.

Of course, it is no replacement for missing that once-in-a-lifetime moment. Re-shooting lost wedding pictures, for example, won’t bring back the magic of that day. However, it will protect you financially to recover and repair any mishaps. And, a Connecticut wedding insurance policy does everything possible to make sure you enjoy your special day.

To ease some of the pressure on the big day, Byrnes Agency offers Connecticut Wedding Insurance coverage– designed to protect your financial investment against misfortune and mishap. There are different types of coverage and enhancements available that can cover your wedding day, the rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner.