Customer Service Must-Haves for Retailers

Many different things can influence a shopper’s in-store experience. From products to prices, store environment to sales, customers are easily affected by what’s going on around them. Traditionally, though, the most influential part of a consumer’s experience is the customer service they receive from employees. If a staff member is rude to them, they’ll probably leave. But if someone is cheerful and truly helpful, they are more apt to make a purchase.

Even though retail sales have been trickling down slightly this year in response to the COVID pandemic, shoppers are still looking for excellent customer service. This means meeting your customers’ needs in a timely, pleasant, and efficient way. You’d expect this as a customer yourself, like when you’re purchasing your Dayville Retail Insurance program. Here are some must-haves for retailers during this shopping season.

Focus on the Customer

This might sound like a no-brainer, but in today’s fast-paced and often distracted world, sometimes the customer gets pushed to the side. The phone might ring, orders might come in, and a link of socially distanced customers might all occur simultaneously. Juggling these tasks and responsibilities can fluster anyone, but it’s essential to take things one step at a time, including focusing on the customer directly in front of you. Making sure to take care of their needs helps to take care of priorities in order. 

Know Your Business

Few things are more frustrating to customers in need of help than the idea that they are speaking to someone who cannot offer them help. What’s more, it’s just as frustrating to retail employees to be put in a position where they don’t know how to answer a customer. Prevent these situations by understanding all aspects of the business and teaching employees what they need to know. For instance, cross-training employees and scheduling them to work in different sections throughout the week will help them get a decent foundation of what customers want to know and what they may ask about.

Don’t Just Hear Them—Listen

Instead of being in a rush to get the customer to make a decision and purchase (or not purchase) something, let them carry the conversation to open the door to a potential purchase. If customers ask questions or give you personal anecdotes about what they’re trying to look for, they’re providing helpful information to you to offer the best products and programs.

Keep Your Crew Updated

When you bring in new sales and products, make sure everyone behind the counter understands the basic information they need. For more complex products or sales, you might need to install different training types, like in-person demos from experts or readable resources to get them up to speed. That way, your entire staff can position themselves to provide as much information as possible to the customer. 

Say “Thank You”

This year has been challenging for everyone, so a little generosity and authentic human interaction can go a long way. Always thank the customer for their purchase and the time they spent with you. Also, make sure to show your appreciation to everyone who visits, whether they make a purchase or not. This creates a genuine feeling of gratitude that can lift someone’s spirits in these unprecedented times.

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