The Dangers of Fire and Lightning to Your Home This Summer

The Dangers of Fire and Lightning to Your Home This SummerFor the past three weeks, we’ve been discussing some of the most common sources of homeowners insurance claims. This week, we want to focus on two types of claims that grow in frequency over the summer: fire and lightning damage claims.

Whether it’s due to summertime thunderstorms, dry July heat, or a bonfire or campfire gone awry, these claims can be devastating to homeowners without the proper coverage. In addition to ensuring that you have homeowners insurance to protect your Connecticut home, make sure you know how to reduce the risk of these types of claims.


There are many causes of house fires, some more common than others.

  • ElectricalCheck electrical cords throughout your home for fraying and replace wires as needed, and never pinch or cover electrical cords with items such as rugs. Be aware of the capacity of your home’s electrical system so you don’t overload your circuits. Understand the difference between surge protectors and power strips; both allow you to plug in multiple electronic devices, but only the surge protector will help protect these devices from a power spike.
  • Kitchen: Never leave pots or pans unattended while cooking. Be sure to keep a kitchen fire extinguisher readily available and know how to use it, as pouring water on a grease fire is not a wise decision. Always keep your stove and oven clean, too. Food splatter or grease can later ignite when the stove or oven is turned on for cooking.
  • Dryers: If you are installing your own dryer vent, follow the directions in the manufacturer’s installation instructions very carefully, using the recommended duct material. If you’re unsure about how to properly install the vent, hire a professional to do the installation. Clean out the dryer vent and the lint filter regularly after each cycle. Lint may also collect under and behind your dryer, so remember to clean these areas too.


Lightning damage is not as common as fire damage, but it can cause extensive damage from the resulting fires. An average claim for lightning damage may be over $19,000. It is important to learn what preventive and precautionary steps you can take when thunder and lightning storms are in forecast.

  • WaterAvoid using water during a thunderstorm. Taking showers, washing dishes, even washing your hands could put you and the structure you are occupying at risk. Water that contains minerals can easily conduct electricity. Never go swimming when you know there is a chance of lightning.
  • Electrical devices: Unplug all devices like computers and televisions during a storm, and never use landline phones. A surge protector is smart to have. They do not always protect against large direct lightning currents but they limit the voltage supplied to an electrical device.
  • Preventative tools: Have a lightning protection system professionally installed. Lightning rods create a network of low resistance paths for lightning currents  to travel, to direct the lightning towards the ground.

Your home is such a valuable place, and it requires proper protection. Make sure that your Connecticut home is thoroughly protected with a comprehensive homeowners insurance policy. You never know what could happen, and you don’t want to be on the hook for an unexpected disaster.

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