Don’t Be Caught Off-Guard By These Common Summertime Car Calamities

Don’t Be Caught Off-Guard By These Common Summertime Car CalamitiesSummertime is the perfect time to pack down the car and hit the road with the family on a classic road trip. School is out and parents can take some much-needed time off from work to enjoy the great outdoors, visit family across the country, or head to the beach for a weekend of fun and sun. Unfortunately, not everyone who lights out on the open road is prepared for the long haul ahead. When it comes to the family car, everything from tire tread to windshield wiper fluid to coolant are important in order to avoid issues behind the wheel.

Summertime is the deadliest time of year to be on the road, with an average of 115 deaths per month between July and August, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Some of these accidents are caused by not being prepared when heading out on a road trip, making it all the more important to be as prepared as possible.

Here are some common summertime automobile issues:


The sun’s out and in full force from June through September, baking the highway and making it hard on cars that trudge along. Vehicle owners shouldn’t neglect the effect that heat has on our cars, especially if driving through hotter climates. One way to avoid overheating is to replace the coolant in your vehicle. Forgetting to do this can cause the car to overheat. Remember to use 50/50 coolant and water in your vehicle and keep your levels topped off before any summer traveling.

Busier Roads

It’s no secret that traffic is heavier on the nation’s highways during the summer months because of vacation time. With more people on the road comes the possibility of more accidents being likely to happen. Everything from road rage to low visibility can cause accidents that will leave you stranded or even injured. It’s important to just keep this fact in mind that clear stretches of road will be few and far between in the summer.

Air Conditioning Issues

Whether it’s the heat or humidity, not having a properly working air conditioning system can turn up the heat on your summer fun, and not in a good way.  Make sure to visit a mechanic and have your system checked out and to look at the fuses and blower motor before heading out. This is the difference between suffering on a never-ending road trip in the heat and staying cool.

Tire Issues

The heat can play a major role in affecting your tire pressure. Give all four tires and your spare a top-off with the right amount of air pressure to ensure adequate protection. Many convenience stores have free air or cheap air available out front. Also, give the tires a look when it comes to the tread and make sure they’re not bald or balding. You may need to opt for a tire replacement if the tread is running low, especially for a longer trip.

Not Having Insurance

While it may not be something physical about your car, not having auto insurance coverage can bring your summer trip and your driving altogether to a screeching halt. Local CT auto insurance carriers, such as Byrnes Agency, can help to provide you personalized coverage to keep your car safe on the road, when it’s parked or after an accident. Auto insurance options are meant to help protect you and your ride in the event of any accident or claim. Make sure to have this important piece of coverage at all times of the year, especially during the summer travel months.

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