Got Your Own Golf Cart? You May Need Golf Cart Insurance!

Got Your Own Golf Cart You May Need Golf Cart Insurance!Golf carts may seem like harmless plug-in cruisers that get golfers from green to green on the links, and in a sense they are. But they are still moving vehicles that can still cause some sort of damage or be damaged themselves. What’s more, some people who own golf carts may use them on a personal basis, moving around the neighborhood or down the street to get a carton of milk, for instance.

If this sounds like you, someone who uses a golf cart beyond just for golfing, you may need golf cart insurance. This comprehensive coverage provides what golf cart enthusiasts need, whether or not they ever hit the links.

Who Needs Golf Cart Insurance?

No matter the use, anyone who owns a golf cart should consider golf cart insurance. Someone who drives a cart exclusively while playing a course probably doesn’t have to fret about coverage, but if that person uses it to head down the street, even on a sidewalk, they should be working with a golf cart insurance provider.

If you intend to use a golf cart outside of a golf course, it’s also important to note that regular auto insurance doesn’t cover golf carts. Even the most comprehensive auto insurance policies won’t cover a golf cart or anyone who becomes injured. Golf cart owners who drive the vehicle on roads and use it as a frequent method of transport should probably purchase golf cart insurance to keep themselves, others, and the golf cart itself safe. There are even some states that require owners to purchase golf cart insurance, including Arizona, where owners must have liability insurance for their cart.

What Does It Cover?

Golf cart insurance is similar to auto or motorcycle insurance. In states that require coverage, having bodily injury and property damage is mandated. Bodily injury and property damage liability cover damages to others or their property that a driver ends up causing while behind the wheel of a golf cart.

There’s also guest passenger liability that provides a claim limit specifically for passengers injured in an accident. It’s a coverage type that is unique to golf carts and motorcycles. Golf cart insurance clients can also take advantage of medical payments coverage, which pays for any medical bills of a golf cart driver or passengers in the event they are injured in an accident.

Finally, this coverage also provides uninsured motorists coverage. It covers damages to the driver, passengers and the golf cart in the event the individual who causes the damage is under or uninsured completely. The coverage applies to medical treatments and lost wages a policyholder may be subject to.

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