A Guide for Refining Your Hiring Process

Hiring is a complex process to manage. If you’re planning on growing your business, you need a clear set of steps and resources to help you find the best candidates for your available roles. A reliable and consistent process helps you not only fill your positions with the best workers, but it also helps you remain legally compliant. That’s why outlining a hiring process before getting started is so crucial to your business’ future.

For business owners thinking about hiring their first new employee following the pandemic or businesses that want to review and overhaul their current recruitment process, read the tips below.

What is a Hiring Process?

A hiring process is a set of steps that a business takes to attract quality job applicants, screen candidates, and bring on new team members. The exact process you use may vary depending on the job type and your hiring role. However, a basic outline of steps helps companies avoid discrimination and favoritism when growing their teams while finding the most qualified candidates.

If a potential employee feels they have been discriminated against, it is within their rights to sue your business. Having local business coverage for this liability, such as CT EPLI, limits the financial, legal, and reputational risks. But having a compliant hiring process helps to avoid these issues almost entirely.

Here are the steps you can take to have a better hiring process:

  1. Identify Your Needs: The hiring process usually starts when a manager or owner realizes they have an unfulfilled role. This could be because of expansion, someone leaving the company, or the company returning from the recent pandemic. This step is essential because every hire and the job it includes should serve a specific purpose within a company. Otherwise, you’re just expending resources without a business goal.
  2. Create a Detailed Job Description: When you assess your needs, you’ll be able to write out a description filled with all the specific duties and features of the role. Include responsibilities and skills potential candidates must have to be selected. Work with the hiring manager or department manager who will work closely with this person, which should give you a good starting point for sharing the job opportunity with interested parties.
  3. Create a Job Ad and Post Effectively: You should have a standard list of places and platforms where you post available job openings, such as local classified ads, LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster.com, or local recruiting companies.

    Another effective way to get the word out about your company and your open positions is through social media. Social media helps to amplify your audience for free. It’s a great way to attract talent, largely because it’s effective when used correctly. If your company has a strong brand identity, you may find promoting or advertising roles on your chosen platforms brings in quality applicants.

  4. Offer Remote Positions If Possible: About two-thirds of businesses that have adopted remote work policies due to the coronavirus plan to keep at least some of those policies in place for the foreseeable future, according to a recent study. Not only does remote work open up the candidate pool, but it is more cost-effective for employers and the candidates they hire. Remote work options are likely to attract many top-quality candidates from not only your city, county, or state, but the entire country. Whenever possible, weigh the option for your open positions, even if telecommuting is only allowed a couple of times a week.
  5. Have a User-Friendly Application Process: As with job ads, it’s important to keep the ideal job candidate in mind when conjuring up your application process. Though it is a good idea to use software to screen candidates, don’t create a complex application process in which job seekers are required to fill out page after page and go from screen to screen. Create simple-to-use forms, allow for attachments, and keep the candidate’s attention span in mind.

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