Having Trouble with Your Landlord? Read This

Having Trouble with Your Landlord? Read ThisAny renter knows that finding a quality landlord can be a challenge. While they might take care of routine maintenance and landscaping for you, that doesn’t mean they aren’t potentially cheating you out of some money that you’re entitled to. In this article, we’re going to cover common landlord issues and how you can resolve them without burning bridges or blowing through your budget.

Illegal stipulations in the leasing contract.

Be wary of any clauses that violate federal and/or state law, including discriminatory conditions regarding race, nationality, familial status, religion and disability. One illegal provision that renters might not be aware of is when the landlord requires the tenant to waive the right to a refund of the security deposit or the right to sue the landlord. This prevents you from receiving any due damages in the event of injury or damaged property, or getting any unused portion of your deposit back, says Life Hacker.

So, how do you avoid this? Read through your lease carefully and if there is anything you’re unsure about, speak with them first before signing. You can send back a revised version for them to sign, as well. Just make sure to get everything in writing first.

Not giving you the security deposit back.

Life happens, and if you have to break a lease, know your rights when it comes to your security deposit. If you paid 2 months of rent as a deposit, and the landlord found a tenant in less time than that, you are entitled to receive the rest of the deposit. It’s illegal for them to keep it. Finally, make sure the landlord gives you an itemized list of deductions they took from your deposit, as well. Any remaining balance is owed to you within 30 days maximum from when you move out.

Not receiving your interest earned on your deposit.

Some renters don’t realize they’re due earned interest on security deposit (calculated on simple interest) if they’ve lived at a residence for at least a year. For example, if the deposit was $1,000, the interest rate is 1% and the rental agreement was for a full year, you’re entitled to $10 in interest, states the article. Check with your local laws about how much interest is due to you.

Failing to maintain the property.

This is perhaps the most important one, as not doing so can result in an unsafe living environment for you. Check your lease agreement (which should specify who is financially responsible for which repairs) before opting to pay for anything yourself. If it’s an emergency and you have to fix something quickly, ensure the landlord deducts the costs out of your rent.


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