Helpful Renter Tips for First-Time College Goers

Renting an apartment is an adjustment for any college student leaving home and transitioning from living with family to living alone or with friends. These first-time renters, which make up part of the student body set to live off-campus this year, often have many questions about renter tips and concerns on everything from the fine print on a lease agreement, breaking a lease and college renters insurance.

Here are helpful renter tips for first-time college students set to live off-campus this year.

Read the Lease Thoroughly

Leases are very detailed and can be confusing to first-time renters, so it’s a good idea for college student renters to review the lease in detail instead of just skimming over it. Student renters should make sure they understand their lease agreement terms, including any restrictions and procedures, and not be afraid to ask the leasing manager to go over terms before signing anything.

Sign Up for Local Renters Insurance

Renter’s insurance, such as CT College Renters insurance, is an essential component for college students. Although many student apartments come furnished, the landlord’s insurance policy doesn’t cover the student renter’s possessions. College students often don’t have the money to replace property, like laptops, clothing, TV’s, and other pricey belongings in the event of theft or damage. CT College Renters insurance can protect college renters financially, allowing them to file a claim to replace their personal property.

Always Request a Walkthrough

It’s always important to request an apartment walkthrough with the property manager before signing a lease. During the unit’s walkthrough, renters should test out light fixtures, locks, and doors, and make sure that the amenities in the unit align with what’s advertised in the listing.

Ask Questions, and Then Ask More Questions

Communication between the property manager and tenant is key to a successful relationship. After move-in, college renters may have some questions about living in their building, such as operating the appliances or what time specific amenities are open. Tenants should never hesitate to ask their property manager(s) to go over this information.

Document Everything

After move-in, college renters may face pest control issues, air conditioning problems, or issues with appliances. In this case, they should document any problem in writing via email or through a resident portal to inform the property manager.
Student renters should understand that they do have recourse if pest or maintenance issues are not addressed quickly. Student renters should contact the corporate office that oversees their property if issues are not handled, as this will usually expedite the process.

While moving into your first apartment may be confusing or nerve-wracking, utilizing these tips and making sure you’re protected with CT College Renters insurance helps limit losses and provide you with peace of mind.

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