High-End Home Insurance: Luxury Closets Bigger Than the Living Room

High-End Home Insurance: Luxury Closets Bigger Than the Living RoomHigh-End Home Insurance: Luxury Closets Bigger Than the Living Room

A closet used to be just that, a storage space. Dark, crammed full of clothes, knick knacks, and old photographs, it was a simple storage device not given much attention in the home. Now, however, luxury closets are becoming a focal point in high end homes, even rivaling the living room in size.

Where the kitchen used to be the focal point in a house, closets are rapidly expanding as the new showcase in luxury homes, increasingly taking up over 1,000 square feet. The latest trends in high-end closets go beyond the average walk-in, and are custom-designed to look like designer stores or lounges.

Handbags are displayed in glass cases lighted to show them off, and the spaces are accentuated with couches for lounging. Clothing and shoe racks are lighted, with automated lights that turn on when the doors open, according to the Wall Street Journal. This new trend doesn’t come cheap. The price tag for a luxurious closet can range from 50,000 to 200,000.

The trend has even altered the name; no longer closets, they are referred to as “dressing rooms.” Designed to showcase their clothes, they are also a gathering spot for friends and family. Some have installed mini fridges for champagne or espresso machines for their morning breakfast, turning the previously humble storage space into a destination within the home. Counters with sinks for makeup applications are another popular feature.

Closet expansion has even affected the design of the actual home; many developers configure home layouts to make sure the closet captures the best views and natural light. Condo and home developers have noted the trend, adding larger than life closets into their plans, in some cases accounting for 10 percent of the entire floor plan.

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