Homeowners Insurance: 7 Ways to Update Your Connecticut Home

Your home is your pride and joy. You’ve worked hard to make it a nest for your family and friends. And as always, you are continually looking to update and improve it- on a budget. Whether you are looking to sell or add some new touches, this list from Forbes has some easy and inexpensive ways to increase the value of your home.

  • Create multiple seating areas. Patio furniture added to an empty terrace can create extra outdoor space and becomes a destination in the house.
  • Fix right for your home type. Your home has its own personality. The cozy interior of your farmhouse won’t fit with sleek minimalist appliances. Avoid improvements that are jarring or antithetical of each other.
  • Get creative with cabinetry. Paint the new cabinets instead of purchasing new ones will help to create a great space without investing in new ones.
  • Landscaping. Think bright and simple. Group potted plants together. Large terra cotta pots at the entryway are a low cost way to achieve great curb appeal.
  • Storage, Storage, Storage. Find storage solutions in your home whenever possible. Adding a freestanding wardrobe to a room that lacks a closet (such as a den) is a great attractive option to free up space in a room.
  • Un-decorate. Those souvenirs from your last trip still on the mantle place? How about those board games stacked in the corner? Our intentions are good, but sometimes we tend to over decorate and it ends up looking like clutter. Find a few meaningful personal touches, and put the rest in storage.
  • Swap out your lighting. New ceiling fixtures can instantly update your home, and make it look more current, not to mention they brighten up the place.

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