Homeowners Insurance: Spring Cleaning Hotspots

Homeowners Insurance: Spring Cleaning HotspotsAs the sun comes peeking through the clouds this spring, it sheds some light on all those nooks and crannies we’ve neglected during our winter hibernation. Spring cleaning has come again. In honor of the season, here are some tips and sneaky germ hotspots that are often forgotten as you scrub your way through your home. After your done cleaning, be sure to clean out your homeowners insurance and let Byrnes Agency quote your home.

Water bottles. Those cute reusable ones are great for the environment, but they are also a perfect spot for germs. Make sure to rinse yours out every day.

Yoga mats. Always fully dry out your yoga mat before you roll it up in its bag- you can wipe it down periodically with some warm water and diluted cleaning solution.

Reusable Grocery Bags. According to the Huffington Post, 97% of shoppers interviewed never wash their bags. Easily forgotten, germs from produce, food remnants, and spilled products can accumulate in your bags over time, right next to the fresh produce you’ve purchased for your family that week. Make sure to wash your bags every couple weeks.

Purses & Wallets. They go everywhere you do, so it’s natural that they experience the same germs. Money is constantly changing hands, and studies have found multiple cold viruses and germs on the bottom of purses- be conscious of where you put your belongings and wipe them down every few weeks.

Makeup. We rarely think about how long our makeup can last, but oftentimes we use products past their due date. Mascara should be discarded every 3-4 months or it becomes a petri dish of bacteria. Makeup brushes an accumulate bacteria over time as well. Make sure you wash your brushes monthly with a gentle shampoo or brush cleanser.

Toothbrushes. Don’t store them with any covers- the dampness can accumulate bacteria. And make sure to switch them out every few months.

Contacts lens cases. If not cleaned, contact lens solutions accumulate germs that can lead to eye infections. Wash your case out with hot water daily, and replace your case every 2-3 months.

Cell phones. We throw them about, in our purses, on the table, in the car….and then we put them to our faces. Make sure you wipe down your phone with antibacterial wipes (don’t spray any cleaning solution directly on the surface).

Happy Cleaning!

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