How to Avoid Door Dents

Auto Insurance How to Avoid Door DentsHow to Avoid Door Dents

Door dents and scratches aren’t the end of the world, but they are undeniably frustrating. The threat of a careless door dent lurks everywhere from the doctors office to your local grocery store. You can’t help the behavior of other drivers. However, you can minimize your risk by assessing your surroundings. Here are some parking tips on how to avoid door dents.

How to Avoid Door Dents

  • If an end spot is available, take it. It’s always your safest bet. The spaces are often wider, and one side of your car is completely protected.
  • Park as far away as possible- you’re less likely to be surrounded by cars. Plus, the extra steps are good for you.
  • Look at the cars you’re about to pull in next to. If those doors were fully extended could they reach your vehicle? Autos such as coupes tends to have a much larger door span. What type of vehicle is it? If you are in a car, and pull up next to a Ford F150 and SUV, your car’s protective rubber moldings won’t shield you againstdents. If possible, choose another spot.
  • It’s impossible to completely avoid the crowds. When you find yourself in an overflowing parking lot , pay attention to where and how you park. Try and park as straightly as possible in the stall to minimize the risk of door dents. And park by smaller cars whenever possible.
  • Think about your surroundings. If possible, see if you car has passengers. At your office, chances are there is only one passenger in the car, so parking on the passenger side is probably the safer bet. At a mall, however, it is a different story- parking far away is probably a safer bet.

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