How to Break a Lease – Without Suffering Heavy Losses

There are many different reasons why someone would need to break a lease on a rented apartment or home. But no matter the reason, breaking a lease doesn’t come without difficulty. However, forging ahead with this choice isn’t impossible. If you know what options you have, you can end up knowing how to break a lease in CT without incurring heavy losses in the process.

Here are some ways in which you can learn how to break a lease in CT without taking on major risks to your reputation as a renter.

Look for Leasing Loopholes

A great first step is to re-read your lease and look to see if there is a clause for subletting and assignments, or a clause for early termination. An early termination clause within your lease may allow renters to break their lease without taking on a penalty in case of unforeseen events in their personal lives. This could be losing a job or the death of a family member.

Always Check Local and State Laws

There are some instances in which renters can legally break their lease without taking on penalties. For example, if you’re in the military and have been deployed elsewhere, you’re covered under law. Also, victims of domestic abuse are able to get out of their lease early for safety reasons. Make sure to go over your state’s laws when it comes to cutting a lease early.

Leasing Schedule

Landlords prefer that leases are up for renewal during the spring or summer since more people opt to move when the weather is warmer. This means that there’s more in your court as demand for rental units will rise just as the weather does. For landlords, this means that prices will go up, which means it could present a more valuable proposition for them to allow you to leave and let someone else move in under a higher rate.

Negotiate Alternatives

If you’re not able to break a lease without a fee and if you’re in a state where damages must be mitigated, then you’ll have to pay the rest of the rent as originally agreed upon. If you’re low on cash or in a situation where you have to leave an apartment no matter what, then try to negotiate with the landlord to look for alternatives.

One thing to look into is seeing if you can either pay a month’s rent or forego your security deposit. This is better than just leaving your apartment without notice and without paying as small claims court generally works in the favor of the landlord.

For those who are taken to court, or have claims brought against them, then investing in Renters insurance, which can provide the coverage needed during a lawsuit, can really be beneficial. While nothing is promised in terms of a lawsuit’s outcome, it does help to have the right resources in your corner to pay for legal proceedings.

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