How to Get Better Gas Mileage in the Summer Heat

How to Get Better Gas Mileage in the Summer Heat Not all drivers know this, but the outside temperatures can affect your fuel economy. Though hot weather can improve your fuel economy, many drivers might see a decrease in their gas mileage during the summer months due to factors like air conditioning, driving with the windows down, and the general outdoor conditions.

However, don’t fret. There are simple but effective tips to incorporate into your hot-weather driving routine to reduce your fuel bill over time, until we transition into the cooler fall weather.

Change Cooling Method with Your Speed

No one wants to be overheating while driving, so simply not using your air conditioning and keeping your windows rolled up is not an option. However, you can easily be more cautious on which cooling method to use and when.

Since the drag produced from having your windows down reduces fuel efficiency and  is far less prevalent at low speeds than high ones, roll your windows down for leisurely drives and turn your air conditioning on when you’re on the highway.

Use a Reflective Panel

Although you may think it is a waste of time to unfold a sunshade and prop it up in your front window every time you stop at a destination, this simple act actually does do wonders for keeping temperatures cool inside your vehicle. Parking in shade or under covered areas also produces a similar effect. This results in much less fuel-powered cooling work for your air conditioning system when you return to your car.

Let Hot Air Out First

When you first get into your car in the summer heat, crack your windows to let all that cooped up hot air out that has been accumulating. This will allow the temperature in the car to naturally equalize with the temperature outside. Then, roll the windows back up and turn the air conditioning on. This simple tip saves the A/C system from using as much gas for the initial cooling of the car.

Control the Air Conditioning

Be careful with air conditioning use in general. Simply being more cautious can make a significant impact. Even if you enjoy very cold temperatures, save that treat for a place where it does not waste gas! Figure out what is the warmest interior temperature you can comfortably handle, and get used to only setting your air conditioning to that level. It may be warmer than you’re accustomed to, but the gas it saves will quickly add up and make a huge difference.

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