How to Introduce Sustainability into Your Business

How to Introduce Sustainability into Your BusinessOrganizations across the United States are recognizing the importance of instilling green initiatives in their everyday business operations and in their planning of further business outlook. Major corporations are going eco-friendlier and changing their entire corporate landscapes with sustainability as a main component of their business makeup, like McDonald’s, Home Depot and Google.

Companies are having to juggle operating costs and must-haves like Connecticut Business Insurance. So, what if you’re not a global company that has the means to completely change the way it operates? How can your business go green and fold sustainability into its operations successfully without having to break the bank? Here are some ideas.

Start by Establishing an Objective and Team

Sustainability at the corporate level is an achievable goal. As a business, owners need to keep in mind some primary factors that are important to developing a sustainable plan. This includes bringing on eco-efficiency programs, management infrastructure, strategic initiatives, and marketing programs. This will mean that a sustainability leader may be needed to run point on these things so that they can lead the efforts to go green. It may not happen overnight but having the right people behind the process will help to keep things realistic.

Work with Business Partners

Engage with business suppliers, distributors and others in your value chain to help drive environmentally friendly initiatives. Effective collaboration is able to help business owners and industry peers as well as environmental organizations to cut don the negative impact of operating a company. This kind of collaboration could also bring about the opportunity to innovate new processes and products that are green-forward.

Communicate Sustainability Goals

It’s imperative that a company going green design a way to effectively communicate a vision of sustainability to everyone involved in the decision-making part of the business. Everyone at a company needs to understand the sustainability goals that are implemented at the top, so being able to communicate everything should be in the blueprint of new company plans.

Opt for Telecommuting

Working from home is becoming more and more popular, and not just in trendy startups and among entrepreneurs. Major companies are allowing employees to work from home at least one day a week, and even up to a whole week out of the month. Not only is this a way to fold in work-life balance for employees, but it’s also a way to reduce the carbon footprint of the company. Instant messaging, video conferencing, and other innovative workflow tools are making working from home easier. This can help to cut down on time in traffic and the overall use of cars or public transit.

Use Green Materials

Companies have been going green in their daily operations without officially saying it. But by digitizing everything and submitting projects via online management tools, offices are cutting out the use of paper products and printing machines. If you have to use paper, opt for recycled products and envelopes that have been processed using eco-friendly methods. In bathrooms, use biodegradable soaps and recycled paper or cloth towels, and buy everything in bulk to cut down on shipments.

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