How to Make Yourself the Ideal Tenant

How to Make Yourself the Ideal TenantBeing a dream tenant can go a long way with landlords who don’t want to deal with the hassle of things like late payments, loud parties, unwanted messes and backing out of a rental agreement. A good landlord will go a long way to find and keep a qualified tenant for their rental property, and create a healthy relationship that will present benefits for both parties.

For renters, being a quality tenant will help to boost their standing as a renter, improve their credit and ensure that their future in renting is secure. Here are some ways you can stand out in the crowd as a quality renter in your landlord’s eyes.

Pay Rent

It’s a simple concept, but is always an issue for landlords. There’s always that one (or two, or three) tenant who has a consistent issue with paying rent on time and/or in full. The landlord-tenant relationship circulates around regular rent payments and making on-time payments is one of the most important tasks for which a tenant is responsible. Plus, with automatic online payments, tenants can cut out the possibility of being late with their payments.

Take Care of the Property

While renters don’t own the property in which they are renting, they still should take care of their space as if they did own it. Taking pride in ownership of your space will ensure the return of your security deposit and will help build a great relationship with a landlord. Plus, if everything is taken care of and you happen to be moving, you can almost count on a great reference from the previous landlord.

Get Renters Insurance

Renters insurance will help cover the cost of replacing a tenant’s stolen or damaged personal possessions and cover the cost of damage caused to the property by negligence. A solid tenant will have renters insurance so the property owner isn’t left with a large bill due to a tenant not being able to cover the cost of damage. Renters insurance is very affordable and can go a long way when keeping the integrity of the building—and your credit and reputation—intact.

Don’t Let Someone Live With You Who’s Not on the Lease

It’s important to understand the importance of a lease agreement, especially when it comes to who’s on the lease. A lease agreement is designed to protect both the landlord and the tenant(s) and needs to be signed by everyone who is 18 and over who is living there. Sneaking in extra roommates will only cause major issues and can possibly end a tenant’s lease.

Follow Lease Terms

Another way that the lease agreement is important is that tenants need to follow more than just who is living in the space. A standard lease will prohibit activity that’s considered illegal or any behavior that endangers the integrity of the property and community. A good tenant will stay close to these rules and regulations and inform their landlord of any lifestyle changes such as adding a new tenant or pet. Lease violations will constitute grounds for eviction which is expensive and detrimental to a tenant’s credit score.

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