How to Promote Workplace Productivity Before a Relaxing Holiday

How to Promote Workplace Productivity Before a Relaxing HolidayWith Thanksgiving approaching and the days getting shorter and shorter, it’s no surprise that some employees may be getting antsy. The end of the year presents plenty of opportunities to take time off, attaching them to the holiday season and built-in breaks in business. But for businesses looking to push through the end of the year and end on a good note financially, it’s important to keep employees from slacking off or taking some extra time off.

Having distractions or general itchiness around getting out of the office take away from productivity can seriously hinder a company’s year-end goals. On top of that, it may open the door for lax behavior in their work, which can then lead to possible claims of negligence. And while having regionally provided business insurance CT step in to cover claims, such as professional liability insurance for errors and omissions, it helps to stop it before it starts with better workplace productivity planning.

Have More Flexible Hours

From kids’ events to family dinners to getting the last of the holiday shopping done and put away, there are so many different things that people have on their daily calendar from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Businesses can offer employees the opportunity to change their work hours to meet their family needs and different plans that can come up during this time of year. This will help to take some of the stress off when it comes to having to plan things out.

On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that staff should come and go whenever they want or that they will work any fewer hours altogether. Instead, employees should be encouraged to plan ahead and communicate their plans and schedule requests well ahead of time. Try using shared calendars, such as Google Calendar, so that it’s easy to have everything visible and accounted for.

Cut Out Online Shopping at Work

It’s no surprise that some people will want to wait until the last second to buy some final gifts for their friends and family, especially with online flash sales during this time of year. But it should be discouraged to do this online shopping while at work. And while this should be a rule across the board the entire year, it should be something reminded to employees. Remind your employees about policies that relate to doing personal activities, such as online shopping or online window shopping, during work hours.

Have Team Meetings About Deliverables

There probably aren’t too many people who like to attend team meetings, no matter what time of year it is. But during the holidays, meetings can seem more like a nuisance. However, meetings can help to keep everyone in the office on the same page when it comes to meeting goals and prepping for a new year.

It helps to lay out exactly what needs to get done that week and hint at what needs to get done in the coming weeks. Ask team members to be accountable for different parts of projects and be sure to keep an eye on productivity and metrics during the week. Micromanaging shouldn’t be encouraged. Instead, make everyone aware that the workflow needs to stay consistent.

Help Non-Profits

It could help to change up the daily grind and pressure of the holiday season by taking an afternoon together to help out at an animal shelter or homeless shelter. As a business, you can also sponsor local families during the holidays and give team members the chance to contribute by providing and/or wrapping gifts.

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