How to Safely Remove Snow from Your Business’s Roof

How to Safely Remove Snow from Your Business’s RoofCommercial roofing is a significant investment. In many ways, your roof is quite tough; however, in other ways, it can be quite fragile. Commercial roofs really aren’t made for a lot of foot traffic and can be easily damaged by too much weight, and can even be punctured and scratched easily. During the winter, when heavy snows and storms pelt buildings in vulnerable areas, your roof can take quite a beating. One of the most common ways that people damage their own commercial roofing is by improperly removing snow. Let’s take a closer look at the proper procedure for snow removal that will be safe for your body and your property.

Doing it Yourself

People often believe that the process of removing snow off the roof is the same as removing snow from a driveway or sidewalk, and so they just attempt to shovel all the snow right off without giving it much thought. However, you must be extremely careful and keep in mind that the blade of a shovel can end up doing serious damage, with all sorts of unfixable breakage, creating leaks in the roof.

When removing snow from a commercial roof, you must leave a thin layer of snow behind. Attempting to remove it all, will inevitably damage the roof membrane. If possible, it is highly recommend to hire experts. If you hire just any handyman or a less-than-reputable company, they’re likely to make the rookie mistake and try clearing all the snow, leaving deep scratches and punctures in the roof, which will require more extensive patch work. This can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Don’t just think about the roof. If you and your team choose to remove the snow personally, make sure to take the right precautions to prevent bodily injury.

Hiring a Professional

When you hire a commercial roofing professional to clear snow, they take specific precautions that your everyday handyman does not, such as pre-and post-cleaning inspection, specialized training, and usage of specialized tools.

Any company that goes the extra mile will do their best to keep the cleared snow from packing the drains or gutters. Also, if they do any damage, they’ll be equipped to repair the damage upon post-cleaning inspection to prevent potential leaks.

Everyone your commercial roofing cleaner brings on site should  have extensive experience working on commercial roofing in snowy and icy conditions. This means no one is likely to get hurt. And if an injury does take place, a reputable commercial roofing contractor should be insured, so you won’t be liable like you would be if you hired a handyman.There’s still the chance that damage will occur, calling for Connecticut Business Insurance coverage.


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