How You Can Allergy-Proof Your Home This Spring

How You Can Allergy-Proof Your Home This SpringWe can all agree that spring is a beautiful season, but it is unfortunately also known as allergy season for many people. Pollen, dust, and mold are in the air and prominent more than ever, especially for those in Connecticut living in the mix of coastal and rural areas. For those with allergies, this can dramatically spark up your symptoms. Take the proper steps to allergy-proof your home so you and your guests can stay safe and enjoy the season with minimal sniffles.

Declutter Your Home

One of the easiest and cheapest things you can do is simply remove the clutter from your home. Decluttering will significantly help your allergies. Nuisances like dust and pollen, which are at high volume in Connecticut’s air, hide in the crevices of clutter. Clean up your clutter, because with less stuff in your home, allergens won’t have a place to get stuck. Get rid of all old and unwanted items. Porous materials such as newspapers, clothes, and rags are major dust collectors.

Bring in Clean Air

A well-ventilated house can help tremendously. This will help prevent the microbes from making themselves at home where there aren’t welcome. Use high-efficiency particulate air filters in the air conditioning system to help keep allergens at bay. Try to maintain a balanced humidity level about 50% in your home, because mold forms with moisture, while dust and pollen flare up with dry air.

Keep your windows closed during the hours of 10am and 3pm, when pollen is known to be flying around the most.

Be sure to check for leaks in the ductwork to help prevent the allergens from spreading into your living space.

Watch Out for Dust Generators

Note what type of materials make up most of your home. Fabrics and carpeting create the most amount of dust by the breaking down of fibers. You may want to consider getting rid of curtains and upholstered furniture and high-pile carpeting. The best option is to have washable throw rugs over wood, linoleum or tiled floors.

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