How Your Business Can Give Back During the Upcoming Holidays

How Your Business Can Give Back During the Upcoming HolidaysEven though it seems like temperatures just finally dropped and Halloween decorations have barely been put out, it’s already time to plan for the upcoming holiday season. For businesses, this means getting prepared for higher volumes in everything from traffic to business orders to meeting end of the year sales goals.

While the holidays represent a push to get through the finish line from a business sense, they also represent an opportunity for businesses to get involved and serve those around them. While individuals at a business should be encouraged to offer up some of their time and money to help those in need, businesses can collectively gather to get involved in charitable work of some kind.

Here are some ways in which businesses can give back during the holiday season.

Donate Items

Depending on what your business offers, you can create donations that feature the products you sell. Direct business donations to local nonprofits and charities offer up immediate help and zero-in on the needs of their community. From canned goods to toy drives, businesses can implore their employees and customers to donate by setting up drives and reaching out through marketing efforts like email messaging and social media blasts.

Donate Profits

While keeping your profits to take care of operational tasks is paramount, such as paying bills, employee salaries, and coverage costs like a general liability policy through a business insurance CT provider, there is the opportunity to donate a small percentage of profits. Donating goods may sound like a handful when it comes to logistics and coordination. But taking one to three percent from all sales during a certain time frame and donating to a charity or nonprofit can be straightforward.

Give Your Time

Local charities always have opportunities for the community to get involved and help others in need. From soup kitchens to putting together hygiene bags to spending time with children, charities of all kinds can always use an extra helping hand. Go above and beyond by gathering your employees for a day volunteering.

For businesses who need someone there minding the store, look into offering up two different times and dates to volunteer or coordinate splitting up the day to have some people go while others take care of daily operations, then switch.

Thank Your Customers

Your customers can also receive some holiday cheer as well by getting some much-needed customer appreciation during this stressful time of year. Consider offering a certain percentage off during a set window of time or offer a discount if they give to the charities you’re representing for the season. Something like this would kill two birds with one stone as you’re offering an enticing discount while also gathering donations for nonprofits.

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