Is a Scooter the Vehicle for You?

Is a Scooter the Vehicle for You?We’re not talking about your old Razor scooter! A scooter is any motorized vehicle with two wheels, a handlebar, a floorboard designed to be stood upon when riding, and is powered by a motor. Scooters have become a popular and fun choice of transportation across America and heavily adopted in international metropolitan areas including parts of Europe and Asia.

But while riding a scooter can be great fun, this device does present unique risks, which require scooter insurance for proper protection, as well as some careful thought about whether it’s the right vehicle for you.

To Scooter or Not to Scooter

Nowadays, some of the top motorcycle producers have released a variety of aesthetically pleasing and economically friendly scooter models that have many individuals opting for that alternative form of transportation. While the average commuter may not be able to utilize the benefits of a scooter, these zippy, small, and convenient vehicles make a lot of sense for families looking for an economical solution for them and their teen drivers looking to easily navigate around town. Yet in America, scooters are often considered chintzy and have been known as a “lesser than” version of a motorcycle. It is merely dependent on preference and lifestyle.

The Benefits

One of the biggest advantages of a scooter is the economic efficiency. Not only are most models budget friendly, they also offer great fuel efficiency. Riders can often fill up a scooter’s gas tank for approximately $10 and reap the benefits of a fuel range averaging 70 mpg.  Electronic models completely circumvent the gas pump all together and present a greater environmentally friendly mode of transportation for those interested in decreasing their carbon footprint.

Safety is another key benefit scooters offer. With tops speeds of roughly 40 miles per hour, most scooter models are perfectly suited for local commuting in environments where all vehicles travel at lower speeds. Contrary to motorcycles, many scooter models are not permitted on freeways where drivers often travel at high speeds and many deadly accidents occur. Scooters are easy to mount and maneuver, as many versions do not require manual gear shifting. Numerous cities also allow scooters to be tethered to trees, bike racks and other structures in public areas which can help decrease the likelihood of theft.

You can protect your assets with scooter insurance. It is important to find a policy designed to address all the specific risk exposures you face as a vehicle owner and operator. It is necessary to ensure you get the best coverage no matter what you drive, in order to make sure you’ll be safe on the road.

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