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Landscaping Business: Thinking Long TermIn our previous post, we discussed some of the key elements that should be considered if you are thinking about starting your own business. This flexible and lucrative job provides the ability to make a career out of your love for the outdoors and creativity. As winter in the states can be brutally cold and frigid, there isn’t always the most opportunity for income to last you throughout the year. In this article, we’ll explore how to keep your finances in order year-round. Be sure to protect your new business with a comprehensive Dayville Landscaping Insurance policy.


A flexible workforce is a common way that landscaping businesses can scale back on expenses during slow seasons. This reduces overpaying payroll when the cash flow gets tight. In spring, when business picks back up, you can enlist the help of trusted subcontractors.


During the busy seasons, equipment needs to be maintained and repaired immediately. However, when it comes to winter, it might be wise to put off maintaining equipment that isn’t regularly used. If you don’t have to spend the money right now, don’t.

Keep an eye on the bills.

Keeping a close eye on financials is a must during the slow season. According to Lawn & Landscape, Grant & Power, based out of West Chicago, Illinois, practice this. Weekly reports are submitted, and projects are created and edited to reflect the actual situation. Weather, economy, accounts receivables and other factors that affect cash flow are reviewed.

Backup plan.

Thinking about long term solutions means considering all of your options. While it’s never a good idea to think drastically before considering how each solution will affect your bottom line, a line of credit is also an option for severely slow times.

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