Managing Various Personalities in Your Office

In every office, on every jobsite, there are many various personalities working in one place. Even if a small business is only operated by three employees, that’s still three different personalities working under one roof. Dealing with everyone’s unique attitudes and personalities can be a struggle, so being able to manage everyone should be a priority in order to keep conflict and disagreements to a minimum.

Furthermore, as a leader, even though you are expected to treat all employees the same, this may end up being counterproductive because what works for one kind of personality may not work for another.

Understanding and managing different personalities in the workplace is crucial for a small business. In order to accomplish this, it helps to understand employee personality types that you may see on a daily basis. This can help enhance teamwork and collaboration among employees and keep conflicts at bay.

Here are three different personality types to be aware of.


Introverts can be a company’s pillars of strength. They are typically the ones who have been at a company for long enough to know the intricacies of their work. They focus on their tasks and take their job seriously and can provide stability and insight. However, an introvert may be less likely to express their concerns and needs, resulting in some untouched issues. So it’s important to engage with this personality type and keep open conversations about their job satisfaction or thoughts on projects.

Ambitious Workers

This kind of worker is smart and eager to learn and engage with others. They are well-balanced employees who usually try to avoid conflict. They are also able to work well under pressure and can help to inspire others around them with their positive attitude.

Managing this employee personality may seem easy, as they typically are self-assured in their work and abilities. However, it’s always important to be on the lookout for things like simple mistakes as attention to detail may not be their strong suit.

Intense Workers

The workplace can already be a stressful place depending on the industry, audience, sales goals, etc. But people who operate with a high level of stress and energy might need a little more strategy as their patience and tolerance levels may be lower compared to others.

Instead of dismissing their short tempers or stress over small conflicts or failures, try to find the source of their irritability. As a good leader, it’s important to look for ways to take action to reverse whatever the situation is and change their attitude and outlook. There’s a good chance their behavior is influenced by positive and strong leadership.

Cover All Types with General Liability

No matter the personality type, your company may be on the hook for legal claims arising from an employee’s actions. If a client takes out a claim such as negligence related to an employee, it can bring a great deal of financial and legal trouble against your business.

Having General Liability can help to limit risks and financial fallout from claims. Having General Liability can help assess what your risks are, even if they’re related to employee actions, and get out ahead of potential legal trouble.

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