Norwich Auto Insurance: Car-bots Hit Roads in 2020

Norwich Auto Insurance Car-bots Hit Roads in 2020Norwich Auto Insurance: Car-bots Hit Roads in 2020

According to the latest reports from Google, the technology giant has begun discussions within the automotive industry about the best approach to bring self-driving car technology to the commercial market. Google officials have indicated their intentions to release the new vehicles to consumers in roughly six years. Their reported goal is to have fully functional models available by 2020, however those vehicles will likely be limited in capabilities and availability. Never-the-less the self-driving car technology is rapidly progressing, gaining favor and support from many of the largest vehicle manufactures in America. Google is currently deliberating whether it is best to design their own vehicle or to make their technology available to auto makers.

The surprising success of already developed self-driving models is exciting consumers as well as businesses. Vehicles utilizing Google’s developing technology have already mastered over 700, 000 miles of highway without accident or traffic violation. Those vehicles are currently navigating city street landscapes where vehicle navigation is much more challenging and complex.  The so called Car-bots can differentiate between hundreds of objects and thousands of traffic situations including bicyclists and railroad crossings. The technology is far from perfect however; Google is still trying to master navigating weather conditions, merging, lane changing and “right-on-red” traffic rules.

Driverless cars have long been one of the biggest technologic-buzz topics in the auto industry. As they become a reality, the risks and rewards of driver-less technology has been called to question. While market research groups such as IHS assert that driverless car technology will dominate the market by 2050 and could exponentially reduce the amount of vehicle collisions, injuries and accidents.

While car-bots and driverless technology is thrilling, it’s still a long way from implementation.  With millions of auto collisions and accidents occurring across the country each year, having the best Norwich Auto Insurance can help protect your and your assets.

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