Norwich Home Insurance: Where Germs Hide

Norwich Home Insurance Where Germs HideNorwich Home Insurance: Where Germs Hide

Not only does it look nice, but keeping a clean New London County home keeps your family safe and happy. Getting rid of germs is an impossible task, and not something you necessarily want to do entirely. A little bit of germs is good for keeping our immune system strong. However, there are certain ones homeowners definitely like to avoid. And according to a new study in the New York Times, the places where germs lurk may surprise you.

A new report examined places and appliances in typical households that are the most likely and least likely to harbor harmful germs such as E.coli and salmonella. Researchers swabbed a variety of common kitchen items to test them for germs. The results were surprising. Areas where people expected high areas of contamination, such as microwave keypads, were not the top sources of germs.

Instead, refrigerator ice and water dispensers, spatulas, blender gaskets (the rubbers seal at the base of the blender that helps prevent leaks) and refrigerator eat and vegetable compartments had the highest germ counts. Can openers were another offender, as most people simply use them to open up a can and then toss them back without cleaning them.

The study results indicate that germs tend to accumulate in surprising places that most people don’t think about when cleaning. Not taking the blender entirely apart, for example, or washing vegetables but not the refrigerator drawer they are held in.

Of all the areas in the home, the kitchen is particularly important. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 10 million cases of food poisoning occur in the United States every year, and one in five outbreaks are caused by food that people eat in their homes.

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