Norwich Motorcycle Insurance: Great Beginner Motorcycles

Norwich Motorcycle Insurance: Great Beginner Motorcycles

Motorcycles are greatly becoming larger trend.  With approximately 8.2 million motorcycles on the road according to the US Department of Transportation in 2010, motorcycles have become a large trend. But with new riders getting on the road everyday, it’s extremely important to ease into your riding. In fact, motorcycle fatalities rose 2.1 percent to 4,612 from 4,518 in 2010. Before you ever get on a motorcycle the best thing your can do is learn.

Buying your first motorcycle in Connecticut is a big step. To help you start, we’ve provided some great beginner motorcycles. Purchasing your first motorcycle isn’t something you should take lightly. Do your research, learn, and give us a call to set you up with some Norwich motorcycle insurance.

Kawasaki Vulcan 500

Norwich Motorcycle Insurance Great Beginner Motorcycles Vulcan

The ergonomics of this bike is similar to the bike above, but the only downside is the front fork angle. The steeper the angle the more difficult is may be for balance.

Kawasaki Ninja 250

Norwich Motorcycle Insurance Great Beginner MotorcyclesNinja

One of the most bought entry-level sports bikes; the Kawasaki Ninja 250 is a good beginner-transition bike. As it’s only 250cc, this is the kind of motorcycle that you could live with for a long time.

Honda CBR 250

Norwich Motorcycle Insurance Great Beginner MotorcyclesCBR

This motorcycle is another great 250cc bike. The smaller motor will be easier to get used to for beginners.

Triumph Bonneville

Norwich Motorcycle Insurance Great Beginner Motorcycles Bonneville

This bike is a wonderful beginner motorcycle for multiple reasons, but mostly being a comfortable riding position. The ergonomics of a motorcycle is important towards the style of riding that a rider may take on. This basic upright position allows being causal and relaxed while riding. One major downside to this bike is price.

Suzuki Tu250

Norwich Motorcycle Insurance Great Beginner Motorcycles Suzuki

Similar to the Bonneville above, this motorcycle is in basic form with the upside of a low price. With a lower price, you may give up key features compared to other motorcycles, such as rear disc brakes.

As an independent insurance agency, the Byrnes Agency works with a number of leading carriers in the country, enabling us to provide Norwich customers with competitive rates for Norwich Motorcycle Insurance. We also realize that one size doesn’t fit all and can tailor the motorcycle insurance policy to you personally. We provide coverage for sport bikes, cruisers, standards, touring bikes, custom rides — and even scooters. Be sure to give us a call for more information about our Norwich Motorcycle Insurance.

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