Our Guide for a Personal Year-End Insurance Review

Our Guide for a Personal Year-End Insurance ReviewIt’s that time of year again! The end of a calendar year means many things, and one of them means looking forward to what the next year has in store for you and your family. Your insurance coverage should be thoroughly reviewed when the year comes to an end.

Use this guide to begin reviewing your policies and identify any gaps in your coverage. You will even find potential costs savings you may qualify for! Speak to a Connecticut insurance agent to assist you.

Homeowners Insurance

Any changes in your physical home or your household will require some changes to your Connecticut Homeowners Insurance coverage. Consider the following:

  • Change in value: If your house has gained in appraisal value, the amount of your homeowners insurance may not be enough to rebuild your home completely. Improvements or renovations that increase your home’s value may require adjusting your insurance coverage as well.
  • Extended coverage: Jewelry or other valuables that you would rather insure on your homeowners policy than insure separately must be adjusted adequately and checked for limitations.
  • New discounts: Discounts are constantly fluctuating, and changes in your situation may qualify you for different savings. Ask your Connecticut homeowners insurance agent what you may qualify for.

Life Insurance

Changes in your lifestyle, health, or finances are likely to require some changes to your life insurance policy as well.

  • Life changes: Birth, death, marriage, divorce, job loss, and other family status changes likely require adjustments to your policy.
  • Changes in income: If your income has increased significantly, you may need to increase your coverage for your family to maintain their standard of living should you pass away. If your income lowers, you may not be able to afford your current policy and will have to work with your agent to find a suitable adjustment.
  • Changes in policies: Occasionally, life insurance carriers introduce new and innovative features that may be of benefit to you if you schedule an annual review.
  • Retirement/estate plans: Changes in your retirement needs or estate plans impact your life insurance policies and must be adjusted accordingly.

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is a required coverage for anyone who wants to drive. Before heading out on the road, make sure that your coverage is completely up-to-date and ready to cover you, wherever you may go.

  • New drivers: If you have a new teen driver you must get them a policy of their own or add them onto yours.
  • Car status: As your car ages, you may be able to drop or adapt your coverage, such as the collision and comprehensive portion of your policy (this plan becomes less useful as the annual premiums start to approach the current value of your car).
  • Discount status: Auto insurance is particularly filled with potential discounts. Check with your insurer to see if you qualify for new discounts based on any changes in status or driving habits.

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