You enjoy condo living and what it offers. You don’t have to worry about taking care of the maintenance typically involved with a house. You have a sense of community with your neighbors as you watch out for each other. We’re here to ensure that you are also well protected with the insurance you need should the unexpected happen.

Condominium Insurance with the Byrnes Agency

Addressing Your Exposures

Many people are unsure about what’s exactly covered when it comes to their condominium. They may assume the condo association covers certain losses only to find out when damage does occur that they’re responsible for it.

For example, the condo association’s insurance policy may not cover additions that prior owners have made to your unit since that policy was first taken out. If new wall coverings, floors, or renovations (just to name a few) were not added to the policy, you may not be covered in case of a claim.

That’s where the Byrnes Agency of Connecticut comes in. We’ll insure your condo, and help you get the coverage you need for losses you may incur in the future. We’ll also explain in detail what is and isn’t covered.

Inside A Condo Insurance Policy

  • Liability Insurance: Should a neighbor or visitor slip or fall while in your condo, this coverage protects you from loss.
  • Personal Property Protection: Protects the contents of your condo including furniture, clothing, etc., against unexpected loss. We can also set you up with a separate rider covering your valuables such as jewelry, collections, furs, etc.
  • Loss Assessment: Protects you when the association’s policy is insufficient to cover damages to the entire building or in the event of a lawsuit.